Split is a psychological horror-thriller film directed by M. Night Shyamalan and starring James McAvoy. The movie was released in 2016 and has become a fan-favorite among horror movie enthusiasts. If you’re looking for ways to watch Split online, this article will guide you on where to find it and how much it would cost.

Streaming Platforms

One of the easiest ways to watch Split online is through streaming platforms. Here are some of the popular streaming services where you can find the movie:

  • Amazon Prime Video – Split is available on Amazon Prime Video with a subscription, which costs $8.99 per month. You can also rent the movie for $3.99 or buy it for $14.99.
  • Apple TV – You can rent or buy Split on Apple TV. Renting the movie costs $3.99, while buying it costs $14.99.
  • Google Play Movies & TV – Split is available on Google Play Movies & TV, where you can rent it for $3.99 or buy it for $14.99.
  • Vudu – You can rent or buy Split on Vudu. Renting the movie costs $3.99, while buying it costs $14.99.

Cable and Satellite TV Providers

If you are subscribed to a cable or satellite TV provider, you can check if Split is available on their On-Demand section. Prices may vary depending on your provider, but you can expect to pay around $5-$6 to rent the movie and $15-$20 to buy it.

DVD and Blu-Ray

If you prefer physical copies, you can also buy Split on DVD or Blu-Ray. The DVD version costs around $10-$15, while the Blu-Ray version costs around $15-$20.