'The Batman 2'

‘The Batman 2’: Will the Joker be in the sequel? Barry Keoghan responds

After ‘The Batman’ was one of the top 10 highest-grossing films of 2022, Warner Bros. Discovery is keeping an eye on whether Matt Reeves’ franchise will sign a deal for a new movie.

'The Batman 2'

Lately, Reeves has been doing several spin-offs among which are the series of ‘The Penguin’ or the one that focuses on the police department of Gotham City. It is already known that another of the things he has had in hand is the sequel to ‘The Batman’, for which he is already writing the script. In a few weeks he will reveal his plans to DC Studios bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran.

A big question mark is whether the sequel will feature the Joker as one of the main characters. Doubts are sown by one of the last scenes of the film where we see the Joker (Barry Keoghan) and Enigma (Paul Dano) forming a friendship.

Although Reeves already told Variety the year of the premiere that the fact that the Joker was in that scene did not mean that he would appear in more Batman movies, Keoghan has his own opinion. The Joker actor was recently on the Happy Sad Confused Podcast where he said, “Obviously I’d love another appearance,” adding, “I’ve got a ton of work behind me on the character, but you know, it’s only if they decide to make the call, I have to respect that.” When asked what he would do if the decision to bring the character in was his he replied, “Definitely, because I have a thing or two that I would love to add. Currently, I have a little moleskin book where I’ve written a bunch, so yeah, I want people to see that.”

A smile with an undertone
The look of the Joker played by Keogahn has been compared a lot to the look the clown has in ‘Joker: Death of the Family,’ where his face is ripped off and put back together giving him a completely disfigured look.