Rainbow Six', starring Michael B. Jordan

Rainbow Six’, starring Michael B. Jordan, signs Chad Stahelski (‘John Wick’) as director

Amazon Prime Video is committed to action in general and to Tom Clancy’s adaptations in particular. After the success of ‘Jack Ryan’, starring John Krasinski, the aforementioned platform decided to make room for another of the most popular characters of the aforementioned author: John Clark.

Rainbow Six', starring Michael B. Jordan

In ‘No Remorse’, Michael B. Jordan plays the U.S. Navy officer who seeks revenge on the Russian assassins who killed his wife. Now its sequel, ‘Rainbow Six’, bets to raise the bar by signing the director of ‘John Wick’, Chad Stahelski.

The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reports that the film being prepared by Paramount counts Elizabeth Raposo (‘Creed III’) and Akiva Goldsman (‘Constantine’, ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith’ and ‘Star Trek: Picard’) among its producers. The studio’s plans were to release ‘Rainbow Six’ in theaters, but that’s what they intended to do with ‘No Regrets’, a film that ended up being released directly on Prime Video.

After ‘No Regrets’ served as Clark’s origin story, Jordan will return to the Navy SEAL turned CIA agent, a character introduced in the Jack Ryan books who would later lead his own adventures and even inspire a series of video games. That first film with Jordan took place during the pandemic, an exceptional and ever-changing situation for movie theaters that ended up prompting this release on Prime Video.