Kevin Spacey reappears to receive award from Italy's National Museum of Cinema

Kevin Spacey reappears to receive award from Italy’s National Museum of Cinema

With numerous allegations of abuse and sexual assault, some filed and others still to be resolved, Kevin Spacey has made his first public speech since the beginning of the allegations in 2017, which completely turned his career upside down. His stage was the National Museum of Cinema in Turin, Italy, where the actor thanked the institution for having “the balls” to invite him despite the controversies. It was precisely the Italian cinema that gave him the opportunity to be back in front of the cameras: the director Franco Nero chose him in 2021 to play a small role in ‘L’uomo che disegnò Dio’, a low-budget film. Now, in this museum, the actor has said a few words full of gratitude before conducting a masterclass at full capacity.

Kevin Spacey

His special thanks went to one person close to him: his manager, who has also proved to be a great friend. As Variety relates, Spacey says in his speech that “when you have a best friend like Evan Lowenstein, who is here tonight, then life can be very special. And overcoming any challenge is worth it. The actor noted his advice, support and perspective, but most of all, his friendship. “It’s almost impossible to tell you what he’s done,” he continues. “Evan hasn’t just been there for me. He’s been in front of me when I’ve needed guidance and behind me when I needed a push.” Spacey has concluded, “I am truly blessed to have you as my brother. The brother I never had.”

He has also dedicated a few words of thanks to the other members of the industry with whom he has worked side by side, although without naming names. “I’ve had the honor of being part of creative processes with so many extraordinary people. I’ve had the opportunity to work with filmmakers, artists and technicians. Who wouldn’t say that tonight is the perfect occasion to say, Thank you!” said Spacey. “You are honoring not only me but all of them.” He also used the moment to hark back to his early days in acting. “The first performance I ever did was in a high school drama class. It was a little five-minute scene that we had to create without words, but we could use music,” he recounts. “I was 11 years old. And I decided to do a Western scene, so I could be a cowboy. Well, a bank robber. The bad guy, of course,” he has told his audience.